Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Ardyss 'Tell All Truth' Review

From The Desk of Jenard L. Stokes, Master Marketing Mentor

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Ardyss has been one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the 21st century marketing healthy and wellness' coupled with a reshaping line and the PowerStart bonus structure. Is Ardyss International a long term opportunity or just a fad? Should you join? These are some of the questions that I'm going to discuss in this Ardyss Review.

Ok, so my Mom, my Uncle, and my best friend, have all Informed of EXACTLY what Ardyss is about?

Ardyss International is a Multi Level Marketing company that started in August of 2008 marketing healthy' lifestyle- garments and nutrition mostly. Rather than taking any of the traditional approaches to MLM, they modeled their growth off of a very lucrative bonus structure called 'The PowerStart Program'. Essentially, the powerstart program allows you to be paid on the efforts of people who aren't involved in your organization at all.

Ardyss Review, Continued...

Honestly, Ardyss International is a unique animal. There really isn't anything quite like it (and no, I'm not involved more on that later).

When I first ran into Ardyss, it was because an old fella I did Real Estate with simply gave me a call. During the call, he was excited out of his mind about a new opportunity' that was 'Recession Proof'...

He told me all you have to do is get twelve people, that's it, and you're rich'. Now, you have to understand, having multiple websites that DOMINATE the search engines, I get people calling me all the time offering me the latest great deal' or this amazing product' and quite frankly, it's not cool anymore. So I ignored the Ardyss Opportunity because I know from experience that even if you have a PowerStart Program' and a exciting new insurance campaign' you need to sponsor more than 12 people unless you are one lucky person- Dorothy Cook.

However, I've recently taken a look into Ardyss again, because they've made some major changes. I'm still not clear on the direction of the company with Mike Potillo stepping down from the helm - will they be around for long? Or will they be here for years to come? While the future is always uncertain, there are some positives, as well as some drawbacks to this business model.

Ardyss has three main key strengths that give it super leverage in the world of Network Marketing. I'm going to cover these first, from the perspective of someone who's not involved. They are:

1. The STRONGEST selling point in the Ardyss business model, by far, is the powerstart bonus. This 100% matching bonus in the compensation plan has begun to be copied by a few reputable MLM's in the industry, and has a chance of helping to create some of the biggest checks in Network Marketing history. The idea of profiting 100% of off someone else efforts is intriguing and catches the imagination. If I was doing Ardyss I would paint this as the #1 selling point.

2. Health and Wellness will be a key component in the industry of network marketing for years to come. Well, they may not be in the industry forever but as of 2010, health and wellness is ever-evolving and more and more people are becoming consumers of these products every year. In fact, the sales of 'juices' alone are predicted to jump from billion in 2009 all the way to billion in 2011. Being involved in a growth industry is one of the most important factors to choosing an MLM opportunity especially when you're just getting started.

3. Ardyss International has made the commitment to make it part of their corporate vision to provide an Affordable health care plan that meets personal and wellness needs of their distributors. The Ardyss Health Care Program looks to Provide affordable health care for Ardyss Distributors with the ultimate goal of healthy, thriving families and having a better standard of living. Although I wouldn't personally use their service, it is a FANTASTIC addition and is likely to generate growth.

So there you have it. So why didn't 'YOU' get a PowerPack? Awesome company huh?

Of course, it is an awesome company. However, the first question I always ask myself when looking at an opportunity is: If I wasn't involved with this business, would I use this product or service anyways?' For me, the answer is simply no. Although I see the bodyshapers and nutrition line as an attractive market I don't personally wear them, nor do I enjoy the products.

Now should that stop you from joining? Absolutely not. The products are sound and it is my own personal preference. However, I do feel that you should ask yourself the same question. Would you spend 0 a month, or even on Ardyss products if you weren't involved in the business opportunity?

What I dislike is when people get signed up just for the money, and that's what gives MLM a bad reputation. However, if you truly have a passion for Ardyss you should absolutely find a good sponsor and join right away. Just don't allow the allure of 'hype' to be your reason for getting started - because when the initial excitement wears off, you're going to need a strong belief and vision to keep building your business.

Also, while the reshaping and nutrition market is certainly growing today, there is also a strong possibility that it is a short lived fad that will drop off in 5 or 10 years. If that's the case, Ardyss will eventually have to adapt it's products or fall apart. But I'm no prophet what do you think? Even if it does maybe you could make some money over the short term.

The final word of advice I have about Ardyss is this make sure if you decide to get involved to learn how to market your business in a way that is attractive, fun, and will work long term for you. When I was approached about Ardyss, it was from someone who used to do business with me. He called me up, excited out of his mind, telling me about how much he has made with this new bonus structure'. I wanted to hang up the phone. Learn how to position yourself as a leader and ATTRACT people to you and you'll never have to hassle your friends, family, and relatives again.

Quite frankly, if you learn how to master Attracting people in your business, it won't matter if you join Ardyss International or if you find a different company. YOU will succeed no matter where you go. And the good thing is you can write your own check.

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