Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cash Advance Loans - A Solution To Stretched Finances

January is generally a time of year when people find it difficult to make ends meet. The excesses of the holidays often leave bank balances in sorry shape, credit card balances frighteningly high, and plenty of vying demands on whatever spare money is unspent. It's not surprising then that for many of us, our January budget is an unsolvable problem, and towards the end of the month cash simply runs out.

If you're lucky, your overdraft limit may be able to come to the rescue, letting you defer sorting out some of your expenses until your finances settle down again in springtime. Or, you might have credit on your credit card that you can use to cover essential costs, although getting out cash on cards is notoriously overpriced.

Is there another choice if neither of these options are appropriate?

The answer is, for many, to arrange a wage advance. While wage advance loans are far from cheap, they are quick to arrange and are accessible for nearly anyone who has a regular job and a suitable bank account, with poor credit not normally being important. Payday loans are usually for a small amount, a few hundred or thereabouts, and are borrowed over a term of weeks rather than months or years. A fixed charge of around 15-20% of the amount you borrow is charged, which you pay when you repay the loan on your next payday.

Most loans also have the option of being renewed or extended, so that you can put off paying back the loan for a further month, albeit at the cost of a fresh set of charges. While this is conveniant for some, it is also hazardous: it can be simple to get stuck into a spiral of finance which is a problematic drain on even the most sound of finances. The expense is also important, as pay day loans are very pricey when compared to most other forms of finance.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself in a hole come the end of the month and can't make ends meet, then a cash advance could be a quick and easy answer - just ensure you know about and can handle the perils involved.

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