Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dangers Of Liberalism

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and many others are a disease to the U.S. Why can't people understand that the "RICH" create jobs and pay 86% of this country's taxes? When is the last time anyone out there has received a job from a "POOR" person? Wake up! Life is not fair... Get use to it and quit allowing "ENVY" to make your poor decisions. Think about your children and grand children who will be left with nothing... Socialism is defined "FAILURE". It does not work because when the wealthy people run out of money there are no jobs but "GOVERNMENT" jobs. For all the uneducated persons putting us at risk with poor choices, this becomes "COMMUNISM"!

All these liberal congress persons do is take working person's hard earned money and give it to NON-WORKING person's in order for them to gain "compassion". Ted Kennedy has screwed over the American People for Decades while he ran around terrorizing women but he wanted that compassion for playing Robin Hood (take from rich & give to the poor). What did Ted Kennedy ever give? What did he leave in his compassionate will? These liberals use the poor to build compassion and gain votes. They are the other side of traditional America so to keep alive they must build government and screw over tax paying Americans. It is a simple formula and their agenda's are ruining America. Wake up People... If you are poor, the way to move forward is; Education, hard work, Jesus Christ, & doing what is right. This formula, less inheritance, is how almost anyone became rich.

The reform in a whole will be a huge burden on economy. It is as if this administration has NO business experience at all. It is a proven failure which leads me to only one option; they want to increase government, build towards socialism (ideally communism), reduce freedoms, and destroy what America is built on. You cannot continue punishing people who work and rewarding people who do not!

What needs reformed is all government programs. How many minority business grants are given that FAIL? Welfare is a joke. A large percentage of people are paid by our government NOT TO WORK. A huge percentage of persons on welfare / SSI work part-time and if offered full-time they turn the offer down because even though they would be making more than they do on welfare, they would lose what they receive FREE form hard working tax payer's and now have to actually work 40 hours. They opt to take the free government ride...

A huge percentage of persons on welfare dropped out of high school, terrorized our neighbors, bought / sold drugs, partied while others were hard at work getting degrees and paying back student loans only to begin living a treasured life at 40. You keep punishing the wealthy. They live the American dream. It is not their fault others would rather terrorize and remain uneducated.

I want my country to protect us from terror and quit meddling with our constitution. We were founded and built UNDER GOD and if people don't like that; LEAVE. There is no mistake that our constitution was derived under God. We humbly accept freedom of religion so believe and pray to whomever you want but quit trying to change who America prays to.

Additionally, one way to reform welfare would be to have drug testing. That's right, in order to receive governmental aid, everyone should have a drug screening to be eligible. After all, to gain employment, most places now make us pass a drug test. We pass a drug screening to earn the money you are taking from us so why shouldn't these recipients have to pass a drug screening to spend our hard earned money? It would reduce and clean-up welfare and possibly reduce drugs on our streets.

Lastly, Obama and his cronies want to investigate the CIA and add a NEW branch of government for interrogation tactics. C'mon, not another branch of government! Wake up people and smell the shit that you are treading in.

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