Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Common Uses Of Business Finance

Whenever one wants to start a business, there are many resources that you need to gather. One major resource is the finances that are required to start and run the company. Other than the sources, one needs to know the uses of business finance to avoid getting into impulse use and waste of it.

Money that is required to run a business may come from various sources depending with the size of your enterprise. Some may come from friends and family while others may be loans borrowed for financial institutions. There can be revenues from the product or services being traded by this enterprise. There are those that sell shares to increase its finances while others lease their businesses for a certain period to be able to raise some of the money they require.

Business financing is the process of managing the funds that get into the enterprise. For you to understand the uses of business finance, you need to first know the structure of the enterprise with all its systems. You also need to know about the liabilities and assets of the company. You need to know about the profits of the system.

One of the main purposes of the revenues brought into a company is for paying for loans borrowed to the company. Normally this is paid on monthly installments that contain the interest charged on the loan. This is done for a period of time the company agreed with the loan lenders. Any other place that a company has borrowed can also be paid with the revenues collected.

The personnel get their salaries from the business income too. This is a major spending of the funds that goes for as long as there is human resource in a company. There are those companies that give pensions and other forms of compensations to the employee. Gifts and appraisals are other forms of spending on the human resources.

Another form of spending on the income is on production of the products. This is the most common and obvious uses of business finance. It includes the materials, tools and overhead cost. This may also include transportation and packaging. The company may have promotions of goods and services that cost them a lot of money with the hope of increasing its profits. This may be done on yearly basis or half yearly depending on the enterprise.

Government revenues such as taxes are also paid. Other payments required include insurance, health certifications and other permits depending on the type of business. You may also need to pay other stakeholders that are related to your company.

Profits may be used to expand businesses. This includes opening other branches or advancing the present one. It can also be used to bring in sister product or sister companies. Some of it can be used to purchase equipments and machines that are more advanced than the existing one.

The uses of business finance can be too many. All this depends on the company. There are software applications that help one to manage the funds of a business. However, it is best to know all the spending and the purposes before you waste it all.

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